Tuesday, 20 June 2017

“I will kill Bobrisky...- Skales

 Skales, in an interview on NetTV’s edition of Secret Questions.He was asked to pick someone to kill,he choose makle,Barbie,Bobrisky

On losing his virginity,he said

“I don’t even know when or how must I recall that between age 13 and 15 with an older girl.
“She took me through so many things, she taught me a lot of things and it was needed; the lessons were very essential.”

On his sexual fantasy,
“My wildest sexual fantasy is having sex in the aeroplane; sex in a plane is dope.”
His favorite part of a woman 's body
“My favourite part in a woman is her booty (buttocks)”
The weirdest place he's had sex

 “The weirdest place I ever had sex is inside a girl’s boyfriend’s car; it was like magic.”
When asked to answer the kill, kiss and date question.

Skales said, “I will kill Bobrisky, kiss Toke Makinwa and date Yemi Alade.”

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