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BTS Tears of a King @freddleonard

 Nollywood actor, Fredrick Leonard was forced by kinsmen to walk round the community naked in a new movie being shot in Owerri, Imo state.

 Tears of a King, the movie with suspense-filled scenes is being directed by Chidi Chidox Anyanwu and produced by Chima Ewurum of Kingces Productions.

 Chiwetalu Agu, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Joyce Kalu, Mimi Orjiekwe, Fredrick Leonard, Dike Osinachi – Egbeigwe Apama, Jazzy Okey, Kay Samuel alongside others.

You Need Makeup Setting Spray In Your Life. Here’s Why. @TheNicoleCode



Makeup setting spray is something I got into early last year, and I’ve never looked back. As the President of the notorious Oily Skin Gang (OSG for life!), all I do is look for tips and tricks on how to keep my makeup from slipping off within 2 hours of application. Primer is absolutely essential but is CERTAINLY not fail safe for me. I’d seen an article about setting spray (can’t remember where now) and then spent hours researching various brands and reviews because I was heading to Dubai and wanted to buy some while I was out there. And that is exactly how I stumbles upon the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray range!

Sidebar- I LOVE Urban Decay! In my last post, I mentioned their eyeshadow primer potion which has become a staple product for me.

Urban Decay teamed up with Skindanavia (best know for their bridal makeup setting sprays) to give us a range of sprays to tackle different skin concerns. Theres the Chill- which is a hydrating spray designed for dry skin types (obvs),  the De-Slick- which helps with oil control, and the All Nighter which promises to keep makeup smudge free for up to 16 hours.

Naturally, I bought the De-Slick (from Sephora). Upon first usage I was completely in love! It is completely weightless and gives makeup a nice finish. Because of my oiliness I have to wear quite a bit of powder which can look a bit cakey, but after a few spritzes my foundation looks luminous and not overpowdered at all. It also definitely keeps my makeup from slipping. My main problem area is my nose, after 2 or 3 hours my foundation completely disintegrates. But when I use this, the foundation stays put. I still get pretty shiny after a while, but at least my makeup stays on my face and I don’t look like I’ve been running in the rain. So i just blot when I need to and keep it moving.

I also tried the All Nighter. I find it to be interchangeable with the De-Slick. Not much of a difference in terms of the staying power. But I also really like it for the same reasons as I like De-Slick.

Here’s me before applying makeup setting spray and after (I used the All Nighter)

(The lighting is better in the second photo, but still. My makeup clearly looks better, not cake-y and more luminous. Also please ignore the fact that I look sick and hungry. Its because I’m not wearing any eyeliner. You have to use the setting spray BEFORE you apply eye makeup because it will make it run. Do NOT forget this).

(Ahhh! MUCH better eh? I literally refuse to live without my Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliner).

Late last year I was looking through a Nigerian online beauty store and saw the Ben Nye ‘Final Seal’ makeup setting spray. I was quite intrigued because 1) Its Ben Nye 2) I had never heard of it/come across it before and 3) IT’S BEN NYE!

I looked it up and the reviews were pretty good. Ben Nye actually started out doing theatre makeup (which has to stay on for hours under hot intense lights) so if anyone knows a thing or 2 about keeping makeup from smudging it would be him! I hurriedly purchased a small bottle to try out.

I don’t know how I feel about the spray because I HATE the pump! You know how a spray should deliver the product to your skin like a fine mist? It delivers it like Windolene spray basically- in huge splotchy uneven droplets. So I haven’t been able to use it properly. I’m waiting for one of my Urban Decay bottles to finish so I can decant the Ben Nye into it. As soon as I do- I’ll update everyone.

I’ve had a quick look, and for us in Nigeria the only site that seems to carry both the De-Slick and All Nighter is .It retails for N6800 there (not bad actually!) and the bottle lasts quite a while. Well worth buying. The Ben Nye one is on

How To Use

1) Shake Well
2) Apply Makeup
3)Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away and mist face 2-4 times in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ formation.
Again, use the setting spray BEFORE you apply eye makeup so you don’t end up looking like a crying raccoon.

And that’s it! Have you tried any of these? Do you use a makeup setting spray?

Let Me Know,

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Friday, 25 March 2016

A Must Read: Olori Wuraola & the skeletons in our own cupboards ----Halima Fernandez

Halima, the beautiful happy go lucky Abuja girl who ran into one of the wealthiest men in the world the late Ambassador (Oluwo) Dehinde Fernandez at the Safari night club at the Abuja Hilton just slightly less than 10 years ago and later became his wife till death.

Legend has it that Halima borrowed the taxi fare she paid to Hilton that night from her friends mai guard. Anyway Oluwo saw her and was mesmerized his Israeli security aides called her, and brought her to him. She never returned to her one room apartment from that club. Oluwo took her to his suite at the Hilton and two days later flew her to his palatial residence in Brussels.

When 4 weeks down the line Oluwo announced he was marrying Halima, then tongues started to wag. They called her drunkard, prostitute, ‘runs girl”and all sorts. Oluwo a worldly billionaire in his 70s (Halima was in her 30s), just ignored the stories and married his girl. To shut the critics up, they somehow traced that Halima was of the Royal Kano lineage. I remember that it was my former Oga and present Kaduna governor Nasir El Rufai that led a delegation that hosted a lavish reception for Halima at the Emir of Kano’s palace.

Then Oluwo a Lagos high chief also got a very high title for Halima (I think it was Otun Iyalode) bestowed on her by the late Oba Oyekan of Lagos Next Oluwo and Halima were in Buckingham Palace where the Queen conferred on her the title the “Baroness of Lumley” as the spouse of Oluwo who was the Baron of Lumley. From then on, all the people wey dey do Halima “psss, psss” just mechionu.

She lived with Oluwo in Brussels peacefully and bore him children (I have being corrected she bore no children). They lived happily and she is now one of the wealthiest Nigerian women inheriting a fortune from her husband said to be in billions of dollars.

When it comes to matters of the heart people need to be a bit more circumspect. I think it is crude to dog people especially people we don’t know about who they choose to marry or how they live their lives. Especially when many of us have our own skeletons.

Culled from Titus Ale on Facebook

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Saeon.... edgy look @SAEONMUSIC

SaeonSAEON MORUDA showing off a tomboy edgy look at The Grand Opening of Hard Rock Café ...

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If I had married a younger man, sorry to say I won’t have lasted in that relationship - Folashade Okoya

Folashade Okoya  21 and Eleganza CEO Alhaji Razak Okoya  59 but 17 years and 4 kids  are still together and stronger than ever.

In a recent sit down interview with Metro File on Channels which went down at her palatial mansion in Ajah, Lagos, Sade who is the Deputy Managing Director of the Eleganza Industrial City opens up about having a lot more to offer than fashionable clothes, jewellery and makeup. She sheds some light on having a successful marriage, as well as saying that her husband’s hard work and generosity attracted her to him 17 years ago.

 On criticism about her marriage, Sade said
If I had married a younger man, sorry to say I won’t have lasted in that relationship.
If I had married a younger man, sorry to say I won’t have lasted in that relationship.The interview is a must watch below:

Mbong Amata flawless @ #AMVCA2016 👏👏👏👍 @MbongAmata

Yutee Rone couture! Black swan..Mbong was effortless

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When peace like a river

When peace like a river

Mother Teresa To Be Made Roman Catholic Saint

Mother Teresa will be made Roman Catholic saint, Pope Francis has announced. This will happen in a ceremony on the 4th of September, 2016.

Peter Obi At Bible School's Building Dedication In Umuahia,Abia

The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi  at the dedication of Legacy Building at the Trinity Theological College, Umuahia in Abia state by the Primate of ANGLICAN CHURCH, Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Okoh. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Yemi Alade is on the cover of Vanguard Allure


Yemi Aalde's Vanguard Allure CoverYemi Eberechi Alade is on the cover of Vanguard Allure this Sunday.Yemi talks about her struggle to the top,fashion secrets.
Yemi Alade’s  album “Mama Africa” can be pre-ordered on iTunes and Google Play nonetheless the LP will hit stores worldwide on the 25th of March 2016.
Yemi Aalde's Vanguard Allure FeatureYemi Alade for Vangaurd Allure
Creative Director: Nelly Mesik (@nellymesik)
Photography: @AhamIbeleme
Makeup: Chinonso Arubayi for @LookArtMe.
Stylist: Jane Michael Ekanem (@janemichaelnig)
Hair: Tj for @HairCraft_
Suit: Big Ben Kilani
Second Outfit: Clothes, Shoes, Bag and Accessories from @dtboutique_9ja

Pics: Rob Kardashian Takes Blac Chyna's Son To LegoLand


Slimmer Rob Kardashian spent the eve of his 29th birthday acting like a big kid with girlfriend Blac Chyna and her three-year-old son King Cairo at Legoland, California on Wednesday.



Mya Talks A Possible Lady Marmalade Reunion With Christina Aguilera & Lil Kim

Mya: Where Is She Now? Singer Mya joins Sangita Patel in the ET Canada studio to reflect on her 20-year career, massive hits including “Lad...